The Principles of Earth’s Joy

The Principles of Earth’s Joy

Version 1.3 2014 by Dragon Li

Listed here are the Principles we aim live by. Instead of being binding laws, they give us goals to work toward. However, just because they are not “unbreakable laws under penalty of death or exile” doesn’t mean that we aren’t
bound to them in one way or another. This list has been compiled with much experience and wisdom and is a recommended guide for life.

If you wish to use the name of Earth’s Joy in your spiritual practices, we request that you include this list in any of your Group By-laws, websites, or books. It cannot be altered in any way, and though it’s rarely changed, it’s  important to have an up-to-date copy. If we do not request this, then anyone can use the name of Earth’s Joy and deliberately go against our principles, thereby tarnishing our good name. Since these principles are goals toward
becoming a better, well-balanced person and a better member of our community and the world, there shouldn’t be anything here that would hinder our members.

With that said, here are the main principles that we strive to live by:

  1. Balance—May we always be conscious of our spirit and egos, and may they always temper one another so that no one side wins full favor.
  2. Respecting Life—May we aim to cause no harm unless it is to preserve our life or health or the life or health of others.
  3. Ethics—May we always remember that every action has its consequences so that we may make responsible choices.
  4. Independence—May we know and speak our own truth without need for others’ opinions.
  5. Consideration—May we always respect one another, as well as ourselves, and recognize our right to be our own unique selves.
  6. Guidance—In helping others find their path in life, may we guide with wisdom and understanding, not control or manipulation.
  7. Wisdom—May we use the wisdom gained from our experiences, whether they were pleasant or painful, to guide others and ourselves in a healthy direction.
  8. Protection—May we work to protect others and ourselves from intentional and needless harm to preserve the right to live and be healthy.
  9. Knowledge—May we learn enough to protect, preserve, and enhance our lives and the lives of others without forsaking our inner purity.
  10. Purity—May we aim to keep our thoughts and actions unclouded by senseless fears, ignorance, and hate, purifying ourselves as the need may arise.
  11. Innocence—May we keep enough innocence in our heart so that it will remain open but not sacrifice our knowledge that keeps us alive and healthy.
  12. Giving—May we give of time and resources to those in need, including ourselves.
  13. Humility—May we aim to do our work without unhealthy need for recognition, remembering that our gifts come from Spirit.
  14. Tolerance—May we aim to accept the ways of things we truly cannot change and of those who are different from ourselves as long as they are not causing unnecessary harm.
  15. Patience—May we trust in Spirit to set things in the proper order and give us signs when the time is right to act.
  16. Economy—May we take only what we need to live comfortably so that there is plenty left for others.
  17. Courage—May we aim to do what is right despite obstacles or fears but still regard our safety and that of others.
  18. Strength—May we aim to be strong of body, emotions, mind, and spirit, even if that strength means admitting our weaknesses.
  19. Love—May we aim to care enough about others and ourselves that we are always mindful of their or our well-being.
  20. Compassion—May we see the heart and Spirit in others, even in our enemies, that we may act in healthy manner.
  21. Hope—May we always be able to have a glimmer of hope in the most troublesome of times, even if it is just to provide the strength and courage to go on.
  22. Honor—May we always speak and act in accordance with these principles.
  23. Reverence—May we honor Spirit in all that we think of and do so that we are assured that things are done properly.
  24. Grace—May we aim to show our mastery of these principles by portraying them to others.


Changes and updates to document:

Since version 1.2 – Changed “respectable” to “responsible” in entry #3.