Welcome to Earth’s Joy

Do you love being in natural surroundings and feel you need to connect more deeply, as if something is calling to you? Do you feel there is something missing in your spiritual path or practices but can’t figure out just what? Do you know exactly what you believe but have a hard time putting it into practice? Do you already have a spiritual practice but always wondered why a particular tool does this or stone does that without any real, practical explanation? Do you have trouble relating to existing spiritual pantheons? Are you perfectly happy with what you have but wouldn’t mind adding something new? Let Earth’s Joy help you find those connections and enhance what you already have!

Earth’s Joy is a panentheistic, experiential spiritual practice with reverence for Nature and Spirit that does not require adherence to any specific mythology, pantheon, or tradition. At Earth’s Joy, our intent is to inspire and guide our personal spiritual journey with primary focus on and reverence for Nature, taking our cues from science, mythology, mysticism, philosophy, psychology, arts, the core spiritual practices of other cultures and beings, and the personal experiences of our students and practitioners.

In these pages you’ll find tools, information, and inspiration that appeal to both your practical and spiritual sides aimed at guiding you in your journey to experience the Joy of the Earth, of Nature, of Spirit, and of the Great Mystery of “All That Is.”

At Earth’s Joy, we revere Nature as the material embodiment of Spirit and honor our connection to all its Beings, whether they are human, feathered, furred, scaled, plant, tree, stone, wind, or cloud. We recognize that regardless of where we are, we are one with Nature, even if we have forgotten this connection over time. Through these teachings and tools, we define our own spiritual path and learn to benefit this world and ourselves during this life we have been given. We welcome knowledge of our world to enrich our spiritual practices and constantly seek to understand ourselves and the universe. It’s not enough for us to do things the way they’ve always been done; we ask why, we seek the answers, and we embark upon our practices when we fully understand how it works and how we can make it work for us.

Come on in and sift through this site. Be inspired. Motivate yourself. Have a chuckle or two. Open to new ideas. Define, refine, and strengthen your spiritual path. Take what works for you, leave the rest, and share your discoveries!


Who We Are

We are typical folks coming from all walks of life who share certain things in common: our spiritual connection to and love for Nature, our deep drive to connect with and understand Spirit, our commitment to personal development and growth, and our desire to make this world a better, more balanced and healthier place. We are from all walks of life – parents, professionals, business owners, taxpayers, students, activists, cashiers, farmers, etc. – basically your typical community folk who come together to learn about and connect with Spirit. We live in modern times and live a modern life but practice the ways of our natural heritage as well as work to live a sustainable lifestyle in accordance with Nature and Spirit. Some of us have dedicated years of study to this path and some are new and exploring. Essentially, there are no grand hierarchies or special folk or secret lineages. We’re just common, average people with shared goals in our spiritual practices. While we all have our troubles and struggles in life, and part of our personal work is in learning how to deal with them, we are a drama-free zone, preferring laughter and enjoyment in our interactions (while there will always be disagreements and conflicts, we work to settle them in a healthy manner for all parties involved.)  We are always open to dedicated individuals ready to grow, learn, and experience Nature and Spirit with us.


What We Do

At Earth’s Joy, our primary focus is to learn and experience. We do this through study, discussions, workshops, meetings, programs, and small and large group ceremonies and gatherings.  We work to better Nature and our community through charitable and volunteer services, park and land cleanups, and activism. We are also working on developing study programs. Earth’s Joy workshops and events are open to all genuine seekers. While Earth’s Joy is a broad, umbrella organization for general study, we also have specially chartered groups that may have more focus on certain areas or specific mythologies or pantheons. These chartered groups must adhere to our Mission, By-laws, and Principles but have discretion to teach and practice more specific methods of connecting with Nature and Spirit.


Where to Begin?

Here are some topics and accompanying articles to get you started. Much more can be found in the Category menu on the left.

The Principles by Which We Practice and Live

Mission Statement and By-laws


Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical, psychological, or legal advice. Usage of any herbs and consumption of any wild edibles mentioned on this site is done so at your own risk. Follow your local laws regarding the collection of feathers, bones, shells, and stones as they may apply. The authors and Earth’s Joy assume no liability in actions resulting from the use or misuse of information provided herein.